We like walking in the sand; do you?

Wonders of nature can resonate in our hearts.  The beach and the desert are two unique natural environments that inspire and allure.  The beach and the desert are in a manner polar opposites, yet at the same time feed the soul and the senses in similar cascading rhythms.

Both the beach and the desert are baked by the sun, the sand clean from the scrubbing of nature.  There is a purity and simplicity of the sand.  The sand massages and envelopes bare feet, the body experiences connection to the earth. 

When alone, the desert becomes a tone of silence, sound absorbed by the sand.  The beach in a parallel manner is also of one tonal quality with the continual washing of the waves back and forth across the sand.   It feeds and realigns life forces.

Panorama Pass “where the boundaries are defined by your experiences” provides “Vacations in Sand” in the Mojave High Desert, Laguna Beach and Kauai. 

All places are at the epi center of their respective communities.  So, beyond the serenity of the sandy environments, enjoy a plethora of other adventures, eateries, and entertainment on a broad spectrum.