The Panorama Pass Community has a rare collection of exclusive environments for events and gathering venues; check out:


·         The Olympian scale of the Forum and Apollo tucked away in a secluded island in the Sand to Snow National Monument.  You won’t see a soul except your own party . . . and no one will know you are there, come sunup or sunrise.  Mums the word.

·         The comfortable accouterments and intimacy of the Sonoma Lodge.  Sonoma is geographically, easily accessible, yet extremely private, tucked against “the Pass” mountains on 30 acres.  Climb the short ridge trail for views and stars that take your breath away.  25 minutes west to Palm Springs or 25 minutes east to Joshua Tree.

·         The architectural drama of Harmony Rotunda, a large format, home that juts out of the desert floor, catapulting into the sky.  This structure redefines indoor-outdoor architecture, assuring any event will be an experience that is remembered forever. 

·         These and other venues are available for your happenings from the most pristine, natural locations to elegant accommodations of both traditional and world class architecture.