The “center of gravity” of the Desert has shifted to “Panorama Pass,” a virtual community in the desert.  Hide-away in one of the uniquely appointed vacation villages. Each village and venue has its own charm and curated experiences.  

But you won’t find lines for the boundaries of the Pass.  The boundaries are defined by your experiences; i.e. see “Curated Experiences.”  The Pass’s center is found by a little-known secret code: 92256

If the drama of the desert moods and climate were not enough, the wildness of the Pass is asterisked by a rare geology.  The Pass epicenter is a narrow band of land averaging 1 mile in width and 8 miles in length.  This rare “land bridge” is one of the most constricted, rapid desert elevation changes from low to high desert in the world. 

While a secret to most of the world, it is hidden in plain sight at a geographic center of the southwest desert, 20 minutes from Palm Springs, 20 minutes from Joshua Tree, 100 minutes from Los Angeles. 

Most people fly past Panorama Pass, unaware of the majesty of this land encircled by daunting mountain ranges.   It has large properties, lightly populated valley, with nuevo chic vacation villages, horseback riding, hiking, birding, rock climbing, star gazing, yoga, massage, sound baths, avant-garde architecture. 

Due to the dramatic mountain fortifications . . .  if shown the way . . . Panorama Pass also discloses to the adventurer, dramatic panoramas secrets to the outside world. 

In the north-west, a destination can be hiking to a waterfall.  In Panorama Pass, a destination can be finding the way to an exquisite panorama adventure.